3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit, 5-Window

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Features 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit, 5-Window – Window Insulation Kits

  • Included: (1) 5.16′ x 17.5′ film sheet, (2) rolls of tape, 1/2″ x 27.7 yd
  • Insulates five 3′ x 5′ windows
  • Lowers heating costs and saves energy
  • Applies easily, shrinking tight, wrinkle-free and clear on glass
  • Increasing the R-value of single pane window by 90%

Product Description:

With the 3M indoor window insulator kit, you can lower your heating bills during the winter and make your home more energy-efficient. Part of 3M’s line of energy-saving products, this kit includes window insulation film and a roll of double-sided mounting tape to create an airtight seal. Stretching the film removes wrinkles for a transparent view. This version of the 3M indoor window insulator kit enables you to insulate five 3-foot-by-5-foot windows.

At a Glance
2141W Indoor Window Insulator Kit
At a Glance:

  • Window insulation film to insulate five 3-foot-by-5-foot windows
  • Double-sided mounting tape with ready-to-peel liner
  • Transparent, wrinkle-free fit
  • Backed by a limited warranty
At a Glance
2141W Indoor Window Insulator Kit
The 3M indoor window insulator kit provides an airtight seal to keep the heat in and the cold out (click to enlarge).

Keep the Heat In and the Cold Out
Made by 3M, this indoor window insulator kit contains window insulation film along with Scotch Window Film Tape to keep cold drafts out and warm air in. As a result, you can reduce your heating costs during the winter. The film shrinks tight around your window for a transparent, wrinkle-free fit and is made to reduce condensation and prevent frost build-up.

Double-Sided Mounting Tape for a Secure Seal
Included with this kit is a 1/2-inch-by-27-7/10-yard roll of 3M window film mounting tape to keep your insulation in place all season long. This double-sided tape seals off cracks and crevices, creates an airtight seal, and establishes a strong bond between the surface, the tape, and the insulation film, as recommended in ENERGY STAR’s “Seal and Insulate” guidelines. Featuring a convenient, ready-to-peel liner, the tape adheres easily to a variety of surfaces and stays intact upon removal.

Simple, Fast Installation
Installing the window insulation is easy. You simply unfold the film and cut it to the width of the window, allowing an extra inch on all sides. Next, you firmly apply the mounting tape around the window frame and remove the paper liner. Then you apply the film to the tape, starting at the top of the window, and reposition and stretch the film to remove wrinkles. Finally, you use a blow dryer to remove any remaining wrinkles, then trim any excess film.

Made in the United States, and designed for indoor use only, this insulator kit can be used with aluminum, vinyl-clad, or painted or varnished wood molding, but it should not be applied to veneer paneling or Lauan mahogany molding. The film and tape should be removed from the window at the end of the season. The film measures 10 square yards, or 5.16 feet by 17.5 feet by 0.75 thousandths of an inch (H x W x D), and weighs 0.33 pounds.

What’s in the Box
Window insulation film and one roll of mounting tape.

2141W Indoor Window Insulator Kit 2141W Indoor Window Insulator Kit 2141W Indoor Window Insulator Kit
This insulator kit is easy to install, and a blow dryer enables you to remove wrinkles for a transparent view (click each to enlarge).

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