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ARIENS: 72403600 MTD: 751-11196 MTD: 951-11196 TECUMSEH: 33329 TECUMSEH: 33329A TECUMSEH: 33329B TECUMSEH: 33329C TECUMSEH: 33329D TECUMSEH: 33329E TECUMSEH: 33329F TECUMSEH: 33519 TECUMSEH: 33519A TECUMSEH: 33519B TECUMSEH: 33542 TECUMSEH: 33542A TECUMSEH: 35096 TECUMSEH: 3700 TECUMSEH: 37000 TECUMSEH: 8892 TECUMSEH: 88921 TECUMSEH: 88922 TECUMSEH: 88923 TECUMSEH: 88924 TECUMSEH: 88925 TECUMSEH: 8892S

Fits Models:

ARIENS For 8, 10 and 12 HP Snow King engines Honda Floor care equipment with LP powered engines;GXV340 and GXV390 Propane buffer engines TECUMSEH HM-70, HM-80, HMSK-80, VH-60, HMSK-85, HMSK-90, HMSK-100, HMSK-105, HMSK-110, LH-318SA, OH-318SA, OHSK-100, OHSK-110, OHSK-120, OHSK-125, OHSK-130, OHSK-80 and OHSK-90; for 8, 10 and12 HP Snow King engines

Includes a 1 Year Factory Warranty (part only) customer pays for shipping of warranty replacement part

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