Ignis Eco Hybrid Bio Ethanol Burner Ventless Ethanol Burner Insert EHB3000

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A traditional fireplace requires maintenance. Anyone who loves the beauty of a fire, but doesn’t have the time to maintain a traditional fireplace now has the option of this eco-friendly burner, the EHB3000. This is a 30-inch long, 7.4-inch wide fireplace burner insert that can convert a traditional, existing fireplace into a maintenance-free alternative. Building a custom enclosure for this bio-ethanol burner insert isn’t difficult to do, and it allows you to create a unique display for the flames. Install the burner and fill the 5-liter tank with bio ethanol fuel to enjoy 6-12 hours of relaxing firelight without any ash, soot, or the need for ventilation. Product Weight: 21 Pounds. Features: Spill Proof Technology. Ventless - no chimney no gas or electric lines required. Easy or no maintenance required. Capacity: 5 Liters. Approximate burn time - 6 - 12 hours per refill. Approximate maximum BTU output: ~ 10000. What's in the Box: EHB3000 Ethanol Burner - 1 pc. Damper Tool - 1 pc.

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