Kidde i4618 Firex Hardwire Ionization Smoke Detector with Battery Backup

Buying Guide Smoke Detectors & Fire Alarms – Kidde i4618 Firex Hardwire Ionization Smoke Detector with Battery Backup

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Features Kidde i4618 Firex Hardwire Ionization Smoke Detector with Battery Backup – Smoke Detectors & Fire Alarms

  • Red LED flashes until reset for quick, clear identification of initiating smoke alarm in interconnected system
  • Visible low battery indicator helps locate chirping unit
  • Front loading battery door makes battery changing simple, power link tab makes installation faster
  • False alarm control quiets unwanted alarms for up to 8 minutes
  • Interconnects with other compatible Firex smoke alarms and heat alarms

Product Overview:

The 120 volt Firex 4618 Pro Basic smoke detector has an ionization Sensor, quick connect power harness, is multi-station interconnectable, has a 5 year warranty, and is not available to members in Iowa, Oregon Or Vermont.Untitled Document

The Firex i4618 Hardwire Smoke Alarm by Kidde is an ionization smoke alarm that operates on a 120V power source with 9V battery backup. The Firex i4618 smoke alarm offers many benefits for installers and homeowners, such as its easy-access slide load front battery door.

This alarm is powered by your home’s electricity and will interconnect with other smoke alarms in your home. Experts recommend interconnected alarms, because when one sounds, they all sound, providing an early warning against fire by dramatically increasing your ability to hear an alarm anywhere in your home, regardless of where the fire starts.

This alarm uses ionization sensing technology. Ionization sensing alarms may detect invisible fire particles (associated with flaming fires) sooner than photoelectric alarms. Photoelectric sensing alarms may detect visible particles (associated with smoldering fires) sooner than ionization alarms. Kidde strongly recommends that both ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms be installed to help insure maximum detection of the various types of fire that can occur within the home.

Firex i4618 Hardwire Smoke Alarm
User-Friendly Features
  • Easy access slide load front
    battery door
  • Battery backup provides protection in case of a power failure
  • Interconnectable with up to 24 devices (of which 18 can be initiating) including smoke, CO and heat alarms

Slide load front battery door provides easy access for changing battery backup. View larger.

The i4618 smoke alarm offers easy installation features. View larger.

Provides the recommended protection of an interconnected system. When one alarm goes off, they all do. View larger.

Easy Installation

  • Front battery pull tab allows battery activation without removing alarm from mounting bracket.
  • Large mounting base makes mounting easier, protects surface paint from dirt and covers imperfections.
  • Pre-stripped wiring harness with easy off cap does not require stripper tool. Tinned strands increase conductivity and wire nut grip.

Fewer Callbacks

  • Large centrally located Test/Hush¨ alarm control button.
  • Dust cover protects sensor from contaminates during construction reducing nuisance alarms.

User Friendly Features

  • Easy access front loading battery door.
  • Battery backup provides protection in case of power failure.
  • Interconnectable with up to 24 devices (of which 18 can be initiating) including smoke, CO and heat alarms. See user’s guide for complete instructions.

Interconnectable for Improved Safety
Fire and consumer experts recommend interconnected alarms for added protection. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), most Americans feel they are more at risk of being a victim of a tornado than of a house fire. Actually the opposite is true. Fires are more common than any other disaster that strikes a family at home, and can become deadly in minutes.

You have on average less than three minutes from the time you hear a smoke alarm to escape a fire. The sooner you hear an alarm, the sooner you can get out safely. Smoke alarms that link together so that when one goes off, they all go off, are called interconnected alarms. These alarms provide more warnings in more places, giving your family more time to escape a house fire. Houses built after 1993 are required by building codes to have interconnected alarms that are wired into their electrical system.

Interconnects with Other Devices
Interconnects with all Kidde, Firex, Fyrnetics, Lifesaver and Nighthawk alarms, strobe lights, and relay modules with interconnect functionality.

Trademarked Hush Feature for Convenience
By pressing the Hush button, you can easily and safely silence nuisance alarms caused by non-emergency situations, such as overcooked dinners.

This alarm’s Smart Hush feature has the capability of temporarily desensitizing the alarm circuit for up to 8 minutes. This feature is to be used only when a known alarm condition, such as smoke from cooking, activates the alarm. The smoke alarm is desensitized by pushing the Test/Hush button on the smoke alarm cover. If the smoke is not too dense, the alarm will silence immediately. The red LED will illuminate for 1.5 seconds every 8 seconds while in hush. This indicates that the alarm is in a temporarily desensitized condition. The smoke alarm will automatically reset after approximately 8 minutes and sound the alarm if particles of combustion are still present. Smart Hush can be used repeatedly until the air has been cleared of the condition causing the alarm. Pushing the Test/Hush button on the alarm will end the hush period.

Reliable 9-Volt Battery Backup, Indicator LED, and Test Feature
Because a smoke alarm only helps protect you if it’s working, this unit features a red LED that flashes every 30 to 40 seconds to indicate that it is operating correctly. For additional peace of mind, the alarm also contains a test/reset button that enables you to periodically test its circuitry and horn.

The alarm’s standard 9-volt battery provides continuous protection against smoke and fire hazards, even during power outages. The unit offers a low battery warning that issues a brief chirp every 30 to 40 seconds for at least seven days before losi
ng power, letting you know that it’s time to change the battery.

The unit measures just 5.6 inches in diameter and 1.8 inches deep, and it features a neutral, white finish. It includes tamper resist features to deter vandalism or theft.

This alarm is UL listed, so you can be confident of its quality, and it is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

About Kidde: A UTC Fire & Security Brand
Renowned for global leadership in fire detection and suppression, Kidde provides solutions ranging from portable fire extinguishers to advanced industrial controls such as flame detection and explosion suppression systems.

Kidde is a UTC Fire & Security brand, with a history that’s rich with innovations, from the patent of the Chubb Detector Lock in 1818 to the development of the world’s first wireless networked smoke detectors in 2004.

What’s in the Box
One i4618 ionization smoke alarm with mounting bracket and mounting hardware, one 9 volt battery, a 5-year limited warranty and a bilingual user’s manual.

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